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IGA (Independent Grocers Alliance) was founded in America in 1926 and represents an alliance between wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers. IGA became the vehicle for protecting and strengthening the relationship of the three players against the growth of the chain stores. Today IGA is the...
Deli Platters
Common questions
How much money has been raised?
IGA Community Chest and associated programs have raised over $55 million for local community groups,...
How is the money raised?
Money for IGA Community Chest is raised through a variety of ways and it is something we do 52...
How are IGA Community Chest beneficiaries chosen?
We have a tiered system for choosing beneficiaries. 1)       for local...
Here is a couple of tips on becoming an IGA Community Chest beneficiary?
It is best to approach your local IGA store directly. Prepare a pitch and it may include; An...
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Recipes & Cooking
You can learn how to prepare some favorite dishes.
Mediterranean stuffed capsicums
Mediterranean style
Grilled Mushroom Salad
Youd could serve with char-grilled lean t-bone steaks or chicken and corn cobs...
Sausage, Mushroom & Herb Stew
Low-joule hearty meal for the family
Chicken, Tarragon & Mushroom...
Filo rolled up with tasty chicken
Chicken Pasta Salad
Try this low fat salad